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070707 was the day we got hitched and we thought it was a good idea to share our journey to matrimony with our beloved family and friends via this BLOG. But this blog now also act as our portal to share our views on life and family matters to those who care to read them.. Enjoy!

A great 2009, wishing for a GREATER 2010!

In a few hours, the year 2009 will come to a close and the world will embrace another new year.
As always, during this time, I will take stock and reflect on the year that was and celebrate all the wins from 2009.

For starters, blogging wise, this year, i.e. 2009 has been less than productive. In my mind, there are a lot of things I want to say & write in all the blogs that I've set-up, yet it never materialized the way I pictured it. Call it laziness or just lack of time, those are just excuses and justification that I make to myself.

Yet, in retrospect, I would have placed 2009 as one of the best learning & personal growth experience that I had in my life, and here, I will try my best to share this with everyone on this simple blog entry.

How do I do this? By answering these 5 elementary questions;

1. What was your biggest triumph in 2009?
This question is a tough one as I have quite a few. So, let me just list them down here as the biggest in no particular order;
2. What was the smartest decision you made in 2009?
To invest in myself and join the top 2% of the world population by joining the many Money & You graduates of the world. I sincerely believe that it was one of the best decision that I made ever to grow myself and I have experienced such great love, and got tremendous clarity & distinctions towards what I want to achieve with my life. The transformational journey has only just begun and I commit myself to applying all the principles of Money & You and Creating Wealth everyday! It was definitely PRECESSION at work. In fact, just by being in Money & You, my friends list on Facebook has grown to the 1000s!! :)

3. What one word best sums up and describes your 2009 experience?

4. What was the greatest lesson you learned in 2009?
To be truly successful in life, I need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.
. No more blaming, no more excuses, no more justification.

5. What was the most loving service you performed in 2009?
This is another tough one. Got a few as well. For my small family, Nia & Nadyne, I'm sponsoring 2 return tickets to the UK for them and we will all embark on a 9 days Easter family trip to the UK in April next year. WooooHoooo! Can't wait! And my wish to be able to celebrate Nadyne's 1st birthday at our own home was fulfilled in April this year too!

For the beloved pjfamily, I've shared whatever that I learned and got from Money & You and I'm proud to have both my elder sister (Kaklong) & brother (Acat) has joined the M&Y family! We had a fun family day outing just recently and it was a BLAST!

For the community, I've committed my time & effort as best as possible to participate fully and contribute my ideas and actions into the betterment of D'Rimba and grow within the M&Y circle.

For my work, I've sincerely act with integrity and believe have contributed to the growth of BFM89.9 and now will embark on another start-up journey with Leaderonomics and bring it to greater heights!

So, there you go!

Here's wishing everyone a great end to 2009 and GREATER START to 2010!!


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